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Hand Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial

The anti-inflammatory value of emu oil
News in Science - The good (emu) oil.
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Emu Checklist
Benchmarks for New Animal Products - Emu & Ostrich Production (00/136 WHP-2A)
Emu Farming Reproductive Technology (00/37  UWA-39A)
Declawing of Farmed Emus Harmful or Helpful? (99/177 UF-2A)
Emu Products Increasing Production and Profitability (99/143 DAW-57A)
Emu Oil its Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral Potential (No 99/132 UWA-37A)
Emu Oil Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties (99/133 DAW-82A)
Overcoming the Constraints of Emu Egg Laying Season Coordinated Emu Research Program (UWA-25A)
Commercial Emu Raising - Using Cool Climate Forage Based Production Systems (DAT-32A)
Emu Processing and Product Development (DAW-34a)
Determining the efficacy of emu oil in wound healing and cellular regeneration (DAW-83A)
Growth Rate and Cost Factors Affecting Commercial Emu Rearing (NAP-15)


Genetic Evaluation for Australian Ostriches (00/153 UNE-57A)
Ostriches - Their Nutritional Needs under Farming Conditions (00/120 DAQ-219A)
Growing Juvenile Ostrich In a Grazing Environment (99/134 UT-14A)
Development of Ostrich Enterprise Budgeting Software (99/117 RID-1A)
Reproducing Ostrich Fading Syndrome (DAW-71A)
Use of the Polymerase Chain Reaction to Study Aspergillosis in Ostriches (UNE 37-A)
Investigations into the Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Aspergillosis in Ostriches (UNE 38A)