Emu Industry Federation of Australia

Postal Address: PO Box 1180 Marleston, SA 5033
Ph  08 Fax
E-mail chris@emutracks.com.au

The EIFA is committed to assisting the development of the Australian Emu Industry in
Australia and the International market place


‘ To improve viability, efficiency, product quality and technology transfer in the Australian Emu Industry’


‘ To ensure R&D meets the needs of a profitable and sustainable Australian Emu Industry’

About EIFA

This is the peak grower body for Australia, funded by the State member bodies.

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EIFA  Committee

EIFA Executive

President; Chris Gregory
PO Box 1180 Marleston
Ph (08) 8371 4499   Fax (08) 8371 4399
E-mail chris@emutracks.com.au

Vice President/Secretary; Kip Venn
PO Box 505 Toodyay WA 6566
Ph  08 9574 1415 Fax 08 9574 1415
E-mail venn@iinet.net.au

Treasurer; Geoff Lean
PO Box 637 Torrens Park SA 5062
Ph 08 8379 8992
E-mail gblean@myacn.net.au

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Quality Assurance Statement

EIFA and its member organisations are committed to proper and ethical emu farming and value adding.

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